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“Giving birth is a national matter”;  Watch the video – Jovem Ban

“Giving birth is a national matter”; Watch the video – Jovem Ban

Kim Jong Un cries while reading an announcement to give women more children

north korean leader, Kim Jong UnShe cried during the Fifth National Conference for Mothers in PyongyangWhen reading a letter asking women to have more children to avoid a low birth rate in the country. “Stopping the decline in birth rates and providing quality care and education for children are issues we must solve with our mothers,” he said, placing a cloth over his eyes to dry them. “When all mothers clearly understand that having many children is patriotic and do so in a positive way, our cause of building a strong socialist country can be accelerated,” he added. This week, the North Korean leader had already requested measures to prevent a decline in birth rates in the country and to support mothers in the country, who may have been exposed to a food crisis in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19. “They have the heavy task of raising their children to be pillars of the socialist and communist building, and teachers of the future society,” Kim Jong Un said during his speech.

Although there are no official figures on the birth rate in north koreaThe United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that the country’s recent fertility rate is 1.8 children per woman. The United Nations Population Fund believes that the rate has declined steadily in North Korea in recent decades, although in this case the indicator is higher than in neighboring countries, such as South Korea or Japan, which are affected by accelerating demographic aging. North Korea has been affected by food shortages as a result of protecting the country’s borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of poor harvests and unfavorable weather conditions, according to the country’s observers. However, the food situation is believed to have improved as trade with China has gradually reopened in recent months.

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