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Petro says Miley is “expelling” Colombian students from Argentina

Petro says Miley is “expelling” Colombian students from Argentina

The Argentine president announced a measure allowing public universities to charge fees to foreign students

Colombia's President, Gustavo Petro, said on Friday (December 29, 2023) that his country will return its homeland and will help pay for the studies of 20,000 Colombians studying in Argentina. The statement came in response to an excerpt from the draft law sender By Argentine President Javier Miley to Congress.

The text stipulates that education in public universities remains free for Argentine citizens and foreigners who have permanent residency in the country. But educational institutionsIt may set fees.” For foreign students who do not have permanent residency – i.e. those in the country on temporary visas. here completein Spanish, for the document (PDF – 2 MB).

In publishing in XPetro said the 20,000 Colombian students were “Literally fired“From Argentina and this is for them”There was no such thing as “freedom”“.

The Colombian president wrote:We will ensure that they can continue their studies in Colombia without major obstacles and also for free“.

The project that Miley sent to Congress was called the “Law of Foundations and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines,” which is free translated. It consists of 183 pages and 664 articles.

The package stipulates new measures to reform the state and introduce changes to the country's electoral and criminal laws. In addition to the reforms, the text states:State of public emergency in economic, financial, tax, social security, security, defense, tariff, energy, health, administrative and social issues until December 31, 2025“, with the possibility of extension for another two years.

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The document contains an article endorsing the DNU (Decree of Necessity and Urgency), a super package to liberalize the economy Announce On December 20th. The advertisement was led Protests In Argentina on Wednesday (December 27).