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“Girls Technology Day” guarantees a morning full of science and technology for the students of Imp Pedro de Oliveira

“Girls Technology Day” guarantees a morning full of science and technology for the students of Imp Pedro de Oliveira

“Girls Technology Day” guarantees a morning full of science and technology for the students of Imp Pedro de Oliveira

Published on 10/10/2023 at 16:44

On Tuesday morning (10), Jundiai hosted the third edition of Technology Day for Girls in Brazil, an initiative of AWS – Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing company, with a focus on encouraging the use of and communication with science and technology among the female audience. The morning program was held at EMEB Pedro de Oliveira, in Villa Juana, and was attended by approximately 230 fourth and fifth year students.

The municipality is the second in Latin America to receive the programming, made possible thanks to the company, in partnership with the Education Management Unit (UGE) and in collaboration with the Jundiaí Collaboration Network, linked to the Government and Financial Management Unit ( UGGF ) of the City Hall.

The program started in the morning in the school yard. AWS Architectural Solutions Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Thais Nardo, held the official opening and mediated the children’s questions for the teams. “Research shows that less than 20% of positions related to technology and research are held by women. That is why the Technology Day for Girls is held for them and aims to change this scenario, and in this case it has a special flavour, as in school and with girls who have shown great knowledge of technology in their questions.

The initial conversation was in the courtyard with Thies Nardo and the company’s employees

Education Director, Vasti Ferrari Marquez, stressed the importance of the activity. “The Innovative School Programme, in the focus of improving the quality of teaching, brings the perception that educational and research technologies are essential tools for learning. Therefore, we were very happy to provide this moment for the girls, following the recommendation of AWS, which asked us to create a school unit with 230 students in the fourth and fifth years , which is the number of this EMEB. I also take this opportunity to pay tribute to teachers, as there is no profession without a teacher.

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Fernanda Spinardi, Solutions Architecture Leader for Public Sector at AWS, also spoke about the inspiration the event provides. “We are thrilled to organize events like this that help empower girls with immersive STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) activities, especially in Jundiai, which has increasingly digitally transformed itself as a city. We hope that in addition to making a lasting impact on the communities where people work, live and raise Their families, we hope we can inspire more girls to pursue careers.

After the initial presentation in the courtyard, the children moved to the courtyard, where company employees served as volunteers for themed workshops. In the robotics workshop, it was possible to work on programming to move the robot around the board. In the Art Robô workshop, using a small motor, a cup and markers, children were able to assemble a drawing robot. At the Art with Robotics station, binary chaining concepts are put into practice for jewelry production. In the reading space, participants were able to interact with LinkedIn’s top voice Juliana Sa, author of a children’s book about women’s empowerment. At Espaço Glamor, they were able to record their participation with photos and videos.

Diane and Anna Rubia designed the small robots produced at the Art Bot Workshop

Friends Ana Rubia Lima, 11, and Diane Pereira, 10, decided to start an “art robot” workshop. Anna Rubia spoke about the importance of the proposal. “I understood that the activities are aimed at girls, as these are the areas where more boys work. This is very cool. My dream was to become a doctor, but after today I think I have changed my mind. I want to study robotics.”

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Diane spoke of her amazement to see what she had developed. “It was a really cool activity, I discovered that you don’t need to know everything about science to develop a robot. With a little creativity and knowledge, it’s possible.”

At the robotics station, Gabriella De Retti, also ten years old, explained the purpose of the activity. “The idea is that you select the card and give the correct command for the robot to move. I really love technology and this has something to do with the profession I want to pursue, which is architecture, where you need a computer to design a house, for example.

Gabriella is already thinking about ways technology can contribute to her career

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