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Andre Marquez gains weight again after obesity surgery and pleads: ‘Don’t romanticize obesity’

Andre Marquez gains weight again after obesity surgery and pleads: ‘Don’t romanticize obesity’

Andre Marquez teaches recipes on his YouTube channel

Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Andre Marquez caused a sensation today on his Instagram account, as he talked about the obesity condition that he suffers from, which led him to undergo obesity surgery 10 years ago, in 2013, after he weighed 162 kg.

In an excerpt from his cooking show on YouTube, he admitted that he had gained “6 to 7 kilograms” since starting the channel – 6 months ago – and issued an appeal to the audience who follows him: “Do not romanticize obesity.”

“For those who do not know, I am obese, I already weighed 162 kg. I reached 80 something, but after we started cooking here on the channel every day I gained about 6, 7 kg and I want to lose it,” the actor, who tells stories from Through his love for gastronomy on his YouTube channel.

“People comment and say, ‘I noticed you’ve gained weight,’ and I say I’ve really gained weight and I make jokes. I joke so I can warn myself that I was really at rock bottom,” Andre continues. He talks about his experience with Libra.

“At the bottom of the rock is a spring. The spring depends on your willpower, your dedication, and your calls for help. We cannot romanticize obesity.”

Even though he talks about food on his channel. Andre says he has always been cautious since he saw that obesity was detrimental to his health. “Obesity is one of the diseases that kills the largest number of people in the world every year. You don’t die from the word obesity, you die from diseases related to obesity.”

Continue. “So don’t think it’s normal to say, ‘Oh, I’m fat, but I’m healthy.’” “I said it. I even had some good tests when I was a bit obese, and I’m actually considered obese even on the chart. “After two months, all my tests changed and I became diabetic, and my sugar levels were very high.”

In his attempt to lose weight again, Andre Marquez left a tip for his followers. “Find a professional, get your checks done because the most important thing we can have is our health, which is what will keep us here longer with the people we love.”

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