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Gil de Vigor and Juliette come together in a ‘classroom’ for high school students in Pernambuco: ‘I was very impressed’

Gil de Vigor and Juliette come together in a ‘classroom’ for high school students in Pernambuco: ‘I was very impressed’


Gil de Vigor was responsible for a six-hour “class” for 200 students from public schools in Pernambuco and invited Juliet to participate in the project

Gil de Vigor and Juliette at a former BBB chapter in Pernambuco – Photo: Instagram @arretadajuliette_

Gilles de Vigor gets emotional at the project

On this Sunday (22) Gilles de Vigor Hold an inspiring event in Pernambuco, “Olau de Vigor”, Which was characterized by the sharing of iconography Juliette Freire, her companion in confinement in BBB 21, which she won. The event, which targeted public school students preparing for the National Secondary School Examination (Enem), brought together about 200 students and lasted for six hours of learning and excitement.

For Gill, this event was an opportunity to give back to the community and inspire young people who, like him, faced barriers to accessing education. “Today I cried and felt very emotional. When I saw the students getting off the bus, a movie came to my mind about all the difficulties I faced in accessing education and the boycotts I created around myself, thinking I wouldn’t make it.” Joint doctor of economics and doctoral student in the United States.

Juliet talks about the importance of education

In addition to teaching the classroom, Gil also worked to provide transportation for all students, demonstrating his commitment to making education accessible to all. He recently launched the channel “Power Mathematics” On YouTube, where he teaches the subject in an didactic manner, focusing on the content of the entrance exam. His desire is for teachers to be admired as much as artists, and to receive the recognition they deserve.

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In turn, Juliet appreciated the invitation of her friend Jill de Vigor to participate in the event, stressing the importance of education in her life. “The biggest dream of my life was to get an education, and college for me was my future. For me, this was synonymous with dignity. I am from a community where, like most of you, I have studied in public schools all my life, and I know the difficulties of education. However, the goal of My life is greater. I read everything I came across, because in my mind I needed to chase what I didn’t have, which was a good foundation and a strong desire to win, and I’m glad I did. Juliet participated during the class, according to information received from from.

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