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Everything we already know about Frozen 3

Everything we already know about Frozen 3

“The most profitable animated series in the history of cinema”Frozen“It will turn into a trilogy! The news has been confirmed by Disney In February 2023 during a meeting with the company’s shareholders, in addition to the third film starring sisters Elsa and Anna, the company also confirmed Toy Story 5 and Zootopia 2.

Who will be responsible for Frozen 3?

The first film in the series was released in 2013. Under the direction of the director Jennifer LeeThe story won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and grossed US$1.284 billion at the worldwide box office. That way, for me He returns to direct “Frozen 2,” the sequel that debuted in theaters in 2019 and became the world’s highest-grossing animated film with $1.45 billion at the international box office.

Although the success is undeniable, for me, who also served as screenwriter on both projects, will not return as director on the third title. This is because it started 2019 with success John Lassiter As Creative Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Therefore, her role will now be that of an advisor in the sequel, which will be directed by a director whose identity has not yet been revealed, but who, as the main character, was responsible for building the next chapter in the story of the Sisters of Arendelle. The CEO informed in an interview with TheWrap in June this year.

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What is a cast?

As happened with the first and second films, “Frozen 3” will be shown. Idina Menzel that it Kristen Bell Back in the original dubbing team. The actresses provide the voices of Elsa and Anna, respectively.

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In addition to them, Jonathan GroffChristoph W Josh Gad, Olaf’s translator should return as well. To the extent that serious He shared the news with fans via

When will it be launched?

Disney has not yet confirmed a release date for “Frozen 3.” However, The Direct portal predicts that the story is expected to hit the big screen on November 26, 2025. This is because the first two films in the series were released in November and in the studio’s new releases calendar, there is an untitled production scheduled for that day, month and year.

However, between May and September of this year, a screenwriters’ strike occurred in the United States, which may mean that production will not begin on the expected date, as the production time may have been affected by the strike.

What is the plot?

As for the story of the second part, Jennifer Lee He said the story was “incredible.” The revelation came in an interview with the National Film and Television School at the BFI London Film Festival (via Variety) published in October this year, where she first stated that she was excited about the plot. They made room for me to work with the creative team, and I am very impressed and excited.”

Shortly after, she defended the idea of ​​producing a new film for the sequel, reporting that the Disney animator, Mark SmithHe had a great idea for Anna and Elsa’s story that deserved to be told.

Our philosophy is this and it won’t change: If there’s more story to tell, filmmakers will have to lead it. And I will say that with Frozen, Mark Smith, who was our story director on Frozen 2, came up with an amazing idea for more Frozen, and it’s worth it.

However, Disney has not revealed the story synopsis. However, the plot is expected to continue in the final events of “Frozen 2,” where Elsa abdicates the throne in Arendelle to maintain the balance of the Enchanted Forest, causing her sister Anna to become the new queen of the place. What’s more, in the final scenes of the film, Anna is preparing to marry Kristoff.

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Therefore, the third film should show the wedding of Anna and Kristoff, as well as the new ruling experience of each of the sisters.