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Flamengo beats Paulistano and secures a place in the Super Cup 8 final  Basketball

Flamengo beats Paulistano and secures a place in the Super Cup 8 final Basketball

next station: last. Flamengo secured their place in the Super 8 Cup final by defeating Paulistano 83-82 in the final seconds of the competition's semi-finals with three-pointers from Dede Lozada. The top scorer of the match was Gui Deodato, who scored 34 points. On Saturday, Rubro Negro will face Unifacisa at the Maracanazinho Stadium.

Flamengo 83 x 82 Bolestano – Best Moments – Super Cup 8 semi-final

Flamengo beat Paulistano in the last seconds of the Super Cup 8 semi-final – Photo: Paula Reis / CRF

After about twenty minutes of delay due to heavy rain in Rio de Janeiro and a wet pitch in Maracanazinho, the semi-final match began with a balance worthy of a decision that deserved a place in the Super Cup final. The first was the strike from Paulistano with a triple shot from Ferreira, but Flamengo tried to respond to Immediately. Supported by 14 points scored by Gui Deodato, Rubro-Negro finished the first half with a 22-20 win.

The pace of movement slowed in the second period. Flamengo maintained the lead and increased the gap over Paulistano with a success rate of only 26.3%. It's time to take the lead towards the rankings, even with fewer points. With the success, Rubro-Negro went to the break ten points ahead of the opponent at 40 to 30.

Flamengo beat Paulistano and earn a place in the Super 8 Cup final – Photograph: Paula Reis/CRF

The decision has become hot in the recent period. The ten-point gap was now now seven, a gap further reduced by Paulistano's dramatic improvement in the game. Point after point, only one point remained in Flamengo's favor with 40 seconds remaining, when Paulistano turned the game on its head. With Cariocas no longer available, Gabriel Gao put Florida back in front. However, the visitors scored with a three-pointer from Crescenzi ten seconds before the end of the match. It was an emotional affair, but Didi Lozada turned the ball over for Rubro Negro from long range in the 83rd to 82nd minute.

The Super 8 Cup final will be played on Saturday, at 5pm, between Flamengo and Unifacisa at the Maracanazinho Stadium. Whoever has the best campaign, Rubro-Negro will be the one to decide.

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