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Santos was punished by STJD with six matches behind closed doors and the loss of field leadership

Santos was punished by STJD with six matches behind closed doors and the loss of field leadership

Santos fans filled Villa Belmiro in support against Fortaleza (Credit: Raul Baretta/Santos FC)

Hey Santos He was punished by the Supreme Court of Justice for Sport (STJD) with the loss of field control for six matches, which will be played behind closed doors, in addition to a fine of R$100,000 due to events that occurred in the 2-1 defeat to Fortaleza, in the league. Villa Belmiro, in the 38th round of the Brazilian League, on December 6 of last year. The club will appeal the decision.

Club president Marcelo Teixeira participated in the online meeting. Peixe was reported under Article 213, I, II and III of the CBJD (Brazilian Sports Justice Code). With Alvinegro's defeat by Leao do Bessie, an unprecedented relegation in Santos' history was ended.

Leandro Pedro Foadin, the match referee, reported throwing objects and breaking into Villa's garden. The refereeing crew decided to end the match after contacting the police.

“I inform you that the match ended early in the 51st minute of the second half, after the second goal of Fortaleza EC, as Santos fans threw objects on the field and the fans stormed as well. According to the police, there was no longer any security to continue the match, which is why it was closed.” .

The article addresses “the failure to take measures capable of prevention and repression.” I – disturbances in your sports field; (B.C.E). II – Invasion of the field or venue of a sporting event; (B.C.E). Third: Throwing objects on the field or venue of the sporting event. (B.C.E). It also provides for a fine of R$100 to R$100,000.

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“§ 1 Where the disturbance, invasion or throwing of an object is extremely dangerous or causes damage to the progress of the sporting event, the performing entity may be penalized by losing field command for a period of one to ten matches or events or equivalent, when participating in the official competition. § 2 If the disturbance, invasion or throwing of objects is carried out by supporters of the rival entity, both the commanding entity and the rival entity will be punished, but only when it is proven that they also contributed to the incident. § 3 Identification and detention of the perpetrators of the acts of disorder, invasion or throwing of objects, provided To the competent police authority and register a police report concurrent with the event, relieving the entity from responsibility. Other means of proof are sufficient to prove lack of responsibility,” the article continues.

How was the trial?

Auditor Bruno de Barros dos Santos Tavares began reading the complaint against Santos. The Public Prosecution showed video clips of the field raid and the throwing of bombs on the square. Peixe then provided a video of the board meeting with the military police and organized cheerleaders.

Afterwards, auditor Rafael Pozano recalled Alfengro's history in STJD and asked for a maximum penalty of 10 matches for loss of control and a fine of R$100,000. Dr. Luiz Eduardo Barbosa defended Santos and demanded the club's acquittal. He stressed that the punishment targets the clubs, but the problem relates to the violators and goes beyond Pixie, which is what happens with other teams.

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Luiz Eduardo also brought statements from the staff and security guards hired by Santos that day, taking precautions for something to happen. The professional also requested that, in the event of a sanction, the matches be played at Villa Belmiro behind closed doors. Auditor Bruno Tavares spoke about the case and believes that the sanctions “clear the ice” because the punishment should affect the vandals. He described the entire complaint as chaos and voted for six matches, four of which were behind closed doors and two outside Villa Belmiro, in addition to a fine of R$100,000.

Dr. Rodrigo Raposo already says that it is not possible to separate the fans from the club. He also disagreed that Santos had complied with all prevention measures and called for further measures to be implemented. In the vote, he listed the entire complaint as a disorder as well, and chose to apply six games with loss of control on the field and behind closed doors, in addition to a fine of R$100,000.

Dr. Claudio Diniz began his speech by pointing out that Dr. Rafael Bozano had been threatened by Santos fans. Regarding the process, the professional believes Peixe could have taken more effective preventive measures. He was voted out for six games behind closed doors at Villa Belmiro and fined R$100,000.

Dr. Alexander Beck referred to other similar cases in which he was sentenced, expressed his regret for the actions of society, and believes that punishment is necessary. He also treated the three elements as one and voted for four matches behind closed doors and two outside Villa Belmiro. The session's chairman, Luis Felipe Procopio, commented that he saw the Santos and Villa Belmiro fans as peaceful, but he recalled the events of 2022 and 2023 and the seriousness of the issue. He decided to forfeit six matches on the field and behind closed doors and be fined R$100,000.

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