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Felipe Melo’s father-in-law puts aside his fanaticism for Inter and goes to Beira Rio to support Fluminense |  Editors

Felipe Melo’s father-in-law puts aside his fanaticism for Inter and goes to Beira Rio to support Fluminense | Editors

What is the level of fanaticism for your favorite club? For Roberto Simões, one of them is family. Inter fan Felipe Melo’s father-in-law will put his love for the club from Rio Grande do Sul aside for 90 minutes on Wednesday evening and will support the Inter defender. Fluminense. With the right to be among the visiting fans in Beira Rio on the night of the Conmebol Libertadores final.

Valid place for the final: Inter x Fluminense, at 9:30 p.m., on TV Globo

The doctor is the father of Roberta Nagel, the 30th wife of Fernando Diniz’s team. The couple met in 2004, when Felipe Melo was playing for Gremio. Simões will head to the stadium with his daughter and Luke, one of the couple’s sons. This time, not to support Colorado, but to affirm the strength of the family and shout for the defender.

– I will be honest. I’m a Colorado fan, but family is family and I appreciate that so much. There are my grandchildren Duffy, Petra and Luke. The eldest, Davi, is in Fluminense’s under-20 team. The family aspect weighs heavily on me and I am 0-0 – Simoes admitted this ge.

Felipe Melo with his family during free time — Photo: Personal archive

-I’m sweet-blooded. Colorado has come a long way, and now it’s all about winning. It will be a very interesting and difficult match. I think the score will be 1-1 and we will go to penalties. It depends on luck and participation. It becomes a lottery. If Fluminense succeeds, I will be happy. If it works out for Inter, great. I’m a fanatic, but I’m not crazy. “More so among Fluminense fans,” he said, laughing.

The Doctor manages to influence his grandchildren Luke and Davey, who have affection for Inter. Just like Felipe Melo himself. In old interviews, the defender always showed respect and praised the club. In 2017, for example, the year of Colorado’s Series B misfortune, he was cheering on the Gauchos.

– Felipe was with me in the match when Inter was in the second division. And Davey is more with Colorado. Luke has an Inter shirt. I’m not even talking about the Gremio around them, says Roberto, who ramps up the competition during Grey’s Nal week.

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In fact, Simões almost never saw Felipe Melo wearing his favorite club’s shirt. At the end of 2021, when he was leaving Palmeiras, the player was about to sign a contract with the club from Rio Grande do Sul. Paulo Prax, then Inter’s football executive, even went to São Paulo to negotiate the signing. However, the number 30 chose Fluminense, his childhood team.

With his family in Beira Rio and 4,000 tri-colour fans, Felipe Melo should start among the regulars in tonight’s decision. The ball rolls at 9:30 p.m. The first match at the Maracana Stadium ended in a 2-2 draw, and whoever wins qualifies for the Libertadores final. Another draw takes the venue decision to penalty kicks.

Felipe Melo will have another duel with Valencia on Wednesday – Photo: Disclosure: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense Club