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Fate is a great deed: Joel Carli and Lucio Flavio deserve to be Brazilian champions for Botafogo

Fate is a great deed: Joel Carli and Lucio Flavio deserve to be Brazilian champions for Botafogo

Have you ever thought? Botafogo Three-time Brazilian champion under his leadership Joel Carley that it Lucio Flavio? I know you’ve already imagined this and probably smiled with your eyes. What a conspiracy prepared by fate. This duo has suffered from Glorioso, gone through some good things and could surprisingly reach the end of the 2023 season with a clean slate.

Lucio FlavioGood player, former number 10 at the club, unforgettable maestro Alvingro Carousel 2007, but his image has been damaged over the years. One of the heroes of the episode “chororô” was called “slipper” and was severely criticized by fans. To a large extent, sometimes true, sometimes not so much. He returned to the club as technical assistant in 2020, only to witness the club’s embarrassing relegation to the Second Division. Second division league And when it needs to be activated by the main or newly created team Botafogo bHe did not collect good results, on the contrary. This confluence of elements meant that he still enjoyed great resistance and even a certain amount of hatred from the stands.

And the Joel Carley, huh? The author of the “title goal” of Carioca-2018, which was brilliantly defined for the Botafoguenses team, saw his contract with Glorioso terminated in June 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19It was less powerful in the relegation battle months later. To this day, there are those who wonder: “Will it be different with Capitan?”. Maybe, see? He returned to League Two, scoring goals, and when he retired in June this year, he was completely in the background, a sad farewell due to a turbulent departure. Luis Castro to Victory. That was a mess, which everyone regrets to this day.

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Lucio, it’s time for redemption. Joel, you can always have the celebration you deserve. We still don’t know the end of this story, there are 13 games left (or less). But the cast and a host of passionate black and white people will give you a big hug in this quest. The flavor of this title has become more personal. No one wants that more than us. And you really want it too, I’m sure.