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Abel says Palmeiras could have crushed Emelec: 'We needed to be more efficient' |  Palm trees

Abel says Palmeiras could have crushed Emelec: ‘We needed to be more efficient’ | Palm trees

When asked about a goalless first half and a poorly scored victory, the coach highlighted the team’s ineffectiveness in terms of the chances created during matches.

Best Moments: Palmeiras 1 x 0 Emilique Libertadores

– I don’t think there was anything missing in the first half. We kicked 22 times in the match. It was lacking in being more efficient, doing three or four instead of just one. In the rest, nothing else was missing, it was football. Football is the only sport in which the opponent can enter the field, not shoot on goal and win the game. There are teams that win without hitting the goal – coach said Palm trees.

Abel Ferreira in Palmeiras vs Emelec – Photo: Marcello Zambrana / AGIF

This was the first time in this edition of Libertadores that Palm trees He did not win by more than a goal difference. In the first round of the group stage, Palmeiras beat Deportivo Tachira 4-0, crushed Independiente Petrolero 8-1 and beat Emlec 3-1, and in the second round, they beat Independiente Petrolero 5-1.

With the guaranteed ranking for the next stage of the competition, Palm trees I entered the field with a mixed team. Abel Ferreira kept the owners of Waverton, Gustavo Gomez, Danilo and Rooney. On the bench, names such as Zé Rafael, Raphael Veiga and Dudu remained.

– Nothing was missing, we were dynamic. We intended to leave a central goalkeeper, central defender, central midfielder and center player. I changed the rest, as I did several times. Team creation. Football is not absolutely certain. If I meet someone who is absolutely sure, I would like to meet that person who can control the outcome… The only constant in football is uncertainty. Congratulations to the players for the match they played – completed by Abel Ferreira.

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