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“Every country wants Brazil to hear about the electoral system,” says a lawyer from Minas Gerais.

“Every country wants Brazil to hear about the electoral system,” says a lawyer from Minas Gerais.

Joelson Dias takes over as observer in Argentina’s primaries | filming:

The delegation, made up of lawyers from the state of Minas Gerais specializing in electoral law, will work with other entities from other countries. The greatest expectation is to get to know the Argentine courts closely and to know how elections are conducted in the provinces and in the city of Buenos Aires. According to Joelson Dias, the country has not yet adopted the electronic ballot box, but has developed a “voting machine”, which will be adopted in Buenos Aires and some provinces and the region.

In an interview with FM weatherJolson Dias stated that the Brazilian electoral system is seen as a reference, although it needs improvement. Dias points out that we are excelling in terms of political participation, distributing resources and quotas for blacks and women, and combating disinformation, not to mention electronic voting machines.

Attorney Jolson Dias also highlights the opportunity to see firsthand how the Argentine electoral process works. “Primaries are new for Brazilians. The exchange of experiences is of fundamental importance,” he said.

Dias also stressed that, just as we had missions accompanying our electoral process that validated the Brazilian elections, it is now Brazil’s turn to follow the electoral process of other countries.

Among the jurists, in addition to Jolson Dias, will be the lawyer and CEO of Ecos Betim, Lucas Nieves, Wyderson Advincula, Leonardo Spencer and Igor Oliveira. In addition, other electoral law professionals will also be present at the event, which is organized by Electoral Transparency Latin America in partnership with the American Conference of Subnational Electoral Bodies on Electoral Transparency (CAOESTE).

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