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Sony remembered Bloodborne… and brought fashion accessories with it

Sony remembered Bloodborne… and brought fashion accessories with it

Sony remembered Bloodborne, this is not a test! Residents of Yharnam are rushing here to check out… the new collection for those who dream of dressing like a hunter. No sequel has been released this time around, but at least you’ll be able to dress up as a character from the game and step out in style.

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Items include a pocket watch priced at €157, shoes priced at €151, and gloves priced at €79. Deliveries are expected to take place from September onwards, with the watch only becoming available to consumers in mid-September.

One accessory that also draws attention is the Bloodborne wristwatch. Unlike the others, this one will be delivered in July and costs 197 euros In store He says the following:

Items filled with dark magic! The line includes a pocket watch featuring a stargazer image, as well as boots and gloves that allow you to become a fisherman. A gem for all Bloodborne fans. Take a look at these carefully curated collaboration items that will enhance your glow!


Bloodborne 2Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne 3Bloodborne 3

Explore the Underground Library, an area cut off from Bloodborne

Bloodborne hasn’t had a remaster or remake, and it looks like FromSoftware will be keeping some content that didn’t appear in the original PS4 version of the game. Discover the cut-off area of ​​the underground library by clicking here!

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