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Duffy won't score anything at BBB 24, despite making it into the top 10

Duffy won't score anything at BBB 24, despite making it into the top 10

Duffy is among the brothers who appear in the top ten list BP24. The brother, who was favored by a large part of the program's audience, will not be able to achieve one of the goals he set in the reality show: the leader's party, which is what the brothers dream of.

Before entering confinement, participants actually already choose themes and songs for their private parties. This is the situation Giovanna, who won the prologue twice This Wednesday (27th), there will be the second and final Leader's Gala, under the theme “Vintage Fitness”.

The Minas Gerais concert will be the last based on the themes chosen by the participants of this edition. This is because, starting from Friday (29), the reality show goes into turbo mode, with three walls, eliminations and captain tests weekly, until the end of the program. The final match will be held on April 16.

Duffy revealed that he wanted the leader's party

During the Endurance Pilot's last trial, Duffy and Beatrice competed for the leadership for the longest time. Hey Bahian even made some suggestions to the sellerSo that he could defeat the same leader's party from then on I have already received the benefit before.

“I was thinking about giving up, but I really want the leader's party. I want to win because I want the party,” the app driver said. “We will reach a consensus. “I just want to have the party, I just want the leader’s party,” the brother continued. Despite insistence… Beatrice emerged victorious, adding two parties to the leaderAnd so is Giovanna.

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