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After his visit to the United Kingdom, Harry appeared alongside Meghan in Canada

After his visit to the United Kingdom, Harry appeared alongside Meghan in Canada

With his recent cancer diagnosis, Charles IIIHowever, media attention remains focused on the British royal family. In this case, the latest news refers to the first appearance of the king's youngest son, HarryAlong with his companion, Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex has already returned to his normal life after returning to the United Kingdom on Tuesday, February 6, to visit his father. Despite being away from the royal family since 2020, Harry put his differences aside and met his son for 45 minutes. Queen Elizabeth IIWhich is going through a sensitive stage.

During his emergency visit to the United Kingdom, Harry did not meet his older brother. Williamand was keen to return to the United States as quickly as possible, despite making a surprise appearance at an NFL event in Las Vegas.

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Now with wife Meghan Markle, the couple stepped out for the first time to attend a public event in recent days. Thus, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began their visit to Canada for Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025.

The sporting event carries a greater emotional dimension for Harry, as it was the youngest son of Charles III who founded the initiative, in 2014. It is an international meeting targeting wounded and sick military personnel, whether they are in service or veterans.

Pictures of the appearance of Harry and Meghan show the union that distinguishes the British royal couple. They appeared together side by side and always had a romantic connection during the event. It was not without smiles and gentle hugs between the two, as well as greetings to those present.

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At the moment of farewell, as well Welcome!A group of British men began chanting the legendary words: “May God protect the king“, in Portuguese”May God protect the kingAt that moment, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex happily waved to the crowd.

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