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Coritiba fires Thiago Kosloski and approves the return of Guto Ferreira

Coritiba fires Thiago Kosloski and approves the return of Guto Ferreira

Thiago Kosloski. Photo: Attila Alberti/Omdoes Esportes.

Thiago Kosloski is no longer a coach Curitiba. The coach was fired on Monday (27) morning. The information comes from journalist Nadia Maad ge. globo. The club will announce the return of Guto Ferreira to lead the team in the final stage of the Brazilian League.

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Carlos Amodeo, CEO of COXA, will hold a press conference on Monday to detail the changes in the technical committee and also talk about the club’s plan for 2024.

Thiago Kosloski bid farewell to Coritiba with eight wins, one draw and 14 defeats. In addition to the coach, the club also sacked assistants Reginaldo Nascimento and Willian Alves. Guilherme Bosley, coach of the Under-20 national team, will take over as head coach of the team this week.

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Joto Ferreira was Curitiba’s captain last year, ensuring the club’s survival in the Primera Division, with six wins, two draws and eight defeats. However, the coach ended up being sacked at the end of last season, to be replaced by Antonio Oliveira in 2023.

After being fired from KOXA, Guto Ferreira took over Goias and Ceará this season. He has been without a club since leaving Fuzhou in August. The coach has accumulated professional successes ahead of Sport, Ponte Preta, Bahia and Moji Mirim.

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Guto Ferreira took over as coach of the team in August

Thiago Kosloski says goodbye to Curitiba

In a statement issued shortly after his dismissal, coach Thiago Kosloski thanked the support of Cox White’s fans and expressed his regret for not achieving his goals at the club.

“Today I say goodbye to FC Curitiba. I arrived at Alto da Gloria at the beginning of 2022 and in 2023 I accepted the invitation to take over the professional team in the Brazilian League. As I have always said, my time at COXA was a personal and professional achievement, and that is why I leave here very satisfied.” For everything I went through here. Unfortunately, the work did not end the way I wanted, but I leave with the conviction that I always did my best for this shirt, which deserves all my respect and appreciation. I also thank the professionals and colleagues I met in this house during This time. I know that Coritiba will soon return with greater strength, because it deserves to be among the great teams of Brazilian football. I turn to new challenges, with my heart at peace, and with the certainty that I have dedicated myself 100% to the possibilities I have found since arriving here. Thank you Coca!
Thank you, White Thigh Nation!”, highlights the coach.

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