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Behind the scenes is the deal that brings the club closer to Palmeiras in sponsorship

Behind the scenes is the deal that brings the club closer to Palmeiras in sponsorship

a Flamingo An important Tuesday also lived behind the scenes the same day that goleou or Unión La Calera, By 4 to 1 inch CONMEBOL Libertadores. In search of alternatives to ease liquidity in the face of the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic, the club got a big one.

The duty free stamps the upper back of the uniform. Sponsorship of 30 million Brazilian Reals For 20 months, until the end of 2022, virtually double the amount previously paid by the MRV at the same venue – the deliberation board has yet to approve the contract.

The negotiations lasted three months, and the parties eventually reached consensus. The intention was a long-running partnership, with potential for future extension. The company is a pioneer in the e-commerce sector in Latin America. And the values, of course, delighted the Black Red leaders.

Proportionally, it is the equivalent of R $ 18 million per year. MRV, which sealed the jersey in the contract in effect in 2019 and 2020, paid nearly R $ 10 million per season. On average, settlement with Mercado Livre will pay R $ 1.5 million per month into Fla vaults.

Amazon, however, left the fray. The American giant even promised Flamingo in 2020, but with the outbreak of the pandemic, it reduced the initial value by 30% and stopped working. At Supercopa do Brasil this year there was a rapprochement.

Talks raged, the club closed and the company a one-time sponsorship decision against Palm trees. The conversation continued, but the long run introduced by the Mercado Livre was crucial.

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Fight veiled

The announcement was a response to the behind-the-scenes fight in the club. More recently, members of the Soccer Summit have pointed the finger at the marketing work to explain the failures and delays in the negotiations, as has been the case with the failed return attempt of Ravinia and in talks to renew goalkeeper Diego Alves.

74.6 million Brazilian reals per year

Little by little, Flamengo is restarting the uniformed losses caused by the economic crisis of the epidemic. The club has the BRB as the main sponsor, in the noble part of the jersey, by a closed agreement in 2020; Total Petrolífera has an agreement that is in effect until the end of 2021; Sportsbet.io is valid until the end of this year; Moss is imprinting the trademark on uniform socks until December. TIM is included in the shirt numbers.

The contracts readjusted values ​​based on the IGP-M and produced R $ 74.6 million per year for Flamengo: R $ 32 million with BRB, R $ 18 million now with Mercado Livre, and R $ 11.1 million from Sportsbet. io, R $ 7.4 million BRL from Total, R $ 3.6 million from MOS and R $ 2.5 million from TIM.

There are still spaces in game shorts and shirt sleeves. The previously criticized Marketing department is in talks in search of partners to showcase their business in the aforementioned regions.

Flamingo x Palmeiras

Compared to the major competitors on the national stage, Flamengo still receives less annual revenues than Palmeiras, the Brazilian team that bundles most of them with sponsors.

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The alviverde team secured a guarantee of R $ 81 million from Crefisa. However, the Reds’ blacks argue that the spaces still vacant in their uniforms could exceed the number of competitors.

In recognition of Gávea’s work, Flamengo representatives still remember that the fact not to enter into exclusive jersey agreements, such as Palmeiras’ agreement with Crefisa, allows for better negotiations.

Cariocas also points to a debt of about R $ 120 million from paulistas with Leila Pereira in reference to a federal revenue determination that involves players’ economic rights.