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Claudia Leite builds and takes the first electric trio to the USA on a ship: “Dream big”

Claudia Leite builds and takes the first electric trio to the USA on a ship: “Dream big”

Claudia Lett He wants to bring the triple electric block experience to the United States. The singer paid for a modified truck to go to shows in Florida, and is awaiting the process of legalizing cars in the country.

It was my big dream and the triple already existed. It's really crazy, because in the middle of the pandemic everything happened, and we had to act. It's all very new for them, but I've been studying for a long time a way to take my powerhouse, which is the Electric Trio, and do this show in a format that doesn't exist in the States. Our atmosphere here is very rich. It's very special, and I think the whole world deserves to know about it. I took it on a ship and it arrived in January of this year. “I am very excited about this news,” she said in an interview with Quem magazine.

The artist's intention is to take the structure to other countries as well. “I built the first one, but then I intend to multiply it all over the world. No one knows how to do a carnival like us. We don’t know who they are there, how much they have in their pockets, where they come from, but we have fun together, and we feel this joy. That’s why I insist Hard on the trio, because people deserve to be hit with this surreal energy.

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The equipment is still being evaluated by the responsible American authorities. “The electric trio meets the procedures required for any entertainment product in the United States. It is not an easy logistical process, because the Americans need to understand how this contraption works. I took it ready-made. The technicians who work on the sound know that it is a very complex structure. It is not A truck with only sound, they thought.”

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