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City Hall is promoting an event in National Science and Technology Week

City Hall is promoting an event in National Science and Technology Week

The City Hall of João Pessoa will promote a series of events to celebrate National Science and Technology Week (SNCT), to be held between October 2 and 8, in a mixed fashion (online and in-person). Registration is free and already open through the platform: https://www.even3.com.br/snct_jp2021/ .

The event promoted by the Department of Science and Technology (Secitec) will be held at the Cabo Branco Station – Science, Culture and the Arts. Throughout the week, various topics related to science, technology, innovation, sustainability and education will be covered. Part of the content of the virtual activities will also be released on the youtube channel of Joao Pessoa City Hall.

“Joao Pessoa is an innovative city and is also a stronghold of important projects in terms of science and technology. Therefore, it is necessary to disseminate our scientific and technological production so that the citizen has access to what is produced in the municipality, which is part of the daily life of the community,” said the Minister of Science and Technology of Joao Pessoa, Marguerite Denise.

In the face-to-face event between October 4 and 8, visitors will be able to access the Science Station. About 60m of kiosks will be set up to display Secitec projects, such as e-renewal service, e-waste crafts, electronic objects collection (smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and other broken or unused electronic devices).

partners There will also be a space to present projects aimed at technological innovation and to select technology professionals for companies in this sector. In the stands, there will also be demonstrations of projects implemented at the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), such as competition cars and drones from the Center for Food and Information Technology, as well as demonstration projects aimed at the community, among others.

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Other attractions offered in the program include workshops, workshops, and tents of partner organizations that offer free internet, gifts and innovations, such as Robot Tom by Unimed.

Several municipal departments will also participate, providing services such as H1N1 flu vaccination, safety information and animals for adoption. Folk art and music groups will be shown on stage at the Arena Theatre. At Cabo Branco Station, there will also be an art exhibition, while the main building will open during the event, at 4:30 p.m., to contemplate the sunset.