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How to get rid of bad breath that affects 40% of the population

How to get rid of bad breath that affects 40% of the population

The latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that 40% of the population suffers from bad breath frequently, not to mention the sporadic cases that affect people on a daily basis. Although there are various causes, the factors that cause bad breath are related to oral health.

But how do we alleviate this ordeal? I spoke to dentist Andressa Novais, from Umoarama OBemdito It shows important information.

exist Physiological reasons Bad breath, as it happens, for example, with Morning bad breath, Which is removed when performing oral hygiene.

However, when bad breath is persistent, it can mean it Mouth disorders, Such as the presence of infections, periodontal disease (advanced periodontitis, which affects bone tissue), gingivitis, lingual coating (a layer of food residue on the surface of the tongue) and porous or poorly adapted prostheses.

There is also a possibility Systemic disordersSuch as gastrointestinal ulcers and diabetes smokeLeukemia, stress, anxiety, among others.

Dr Andressa says most of the ongoing cases are caused by mouth disorders Oral hygieneIt is essential to have a good breath, and it is imperative that this cleaning be done correctly.

“Oh Thread It should be used before brushing the teeth as it is responsible for removing food debris that splashes between the teeth where the brush cannot reach them. Next, you should brush your teeth on all sides, and you’re done with a Tongue brushingThe dentist explains.

In addition, there is also an indication of a professional cleaning every six months, for the removal of Account accumulation(Also known as Tartarus) And food waste that causes bad breath.

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What to use to fight bad breath

To relieve bad breath, in addition to proper brushing, this is also essential toothpaste Used is also effective. In this case, the guideline is an evaluation of existenceFluorineAnd ingredients that bring freshness, like mint flavor, to these products.

“It is worth noting that what guarantees good oral hygiene is not the amount of product used and the force used, but the movements and repetitions applied to the teeth, thus removing all food residues and bacterial plaque,” asserts Andressa.

According to the dentist, Mouthwashes They can also be allies against stomatitis, however, “their indiscriminate use is contraindicated.”

Contrary to what many people say, it’s home use style Sodium bicarbonate Its doing Lemon juice Do not use Andressa to treat bad breath. According to the dentist, both have an abrasive and corrosive effect, and if used in excess, they can damage tooth enamel.

“It is very important to realize that oral health is part of the general health of the patient, and he will not be healthy if there are cavities, bad breath and gum disease.”

The dentist also notes that gastrointestinal diseases can also cause bad breath. In cases of frequent bad breath and mouth problems that are eliminated, an evaluation with a gastroenterologist is recommended to verify its source.

The relationship between bad breath and stomach

According to a gastroenterologist Gilberto Lopez, Although stomach problems are not the main causes of bad breath, such as illnesses Gastritis Germ stomach It’s the Gastroesophageal reflux They can also cause bad breath.

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Doctor Gilberto Carlos Lopez / Photo: Publication

This is because there may be a delay in emptying food from the stomach, which leads to fermentation by bacteria and odor release.

Dr. Gilberto notes that “the gases emitted from the reflux can also leave an unpleasant odor in the mouth of the food being eaten, especially the strongest ones, such as onions, for example.”

In addition, stomach cancer can also cause bad breath, due to the rotting of the cancerous tissues, which leads to the appearance of the smell and passes through the airways causing bad breath that reaches the mouth.

Given the severity of the problem, a medical and dental evaluation is recommended so that the disease is treated properly.


Dental surgeon Andressa Novaes. Attending at Dental Office Dra Roseli Novaes, Rua Curupai, 3327. Phone: (44) 3624-7713 – Umuarama (PR).

Gastroenterologist, Gilberto Carlos Lopez. It operates at Gastro Umuarama, Rua Jussara, 3516. Phone: (44) 2031-0180.