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Vereadora denuncia falta de médicos em unidades de saúde de Feira de Santana

Council member denounces the shortage of doctors in health units in Vieira de Santana – Accorda Cidade

Published on 09/21/2021 10:49 AM.

According to Lou de Rooney, he has already requested clarifications from the health department.

Photo: Paulo Jose/Wake Up City

Lian Cruz

Councilwoman Lou de Rooney denounced, on Tuesday morning (21), in the city council hall, the absence of a doctor for five months in the health center in the Panorama neighborhood. According to her, a request will be submitted to request clarifications from the Ministry of Health on this situation.

“We have been elected to do our part as inspectors and make demands with the people, so I am an active counsellor, I am always in the neighborhoods checking what is needed and I find out that in the neighborhood of Panorama the clinic has been without a doctor for five months. I am sure Mayor Colbert, as a physician and director of this city, Aware of this situation or not, but I’m sure he didn’t, because if he was aware, he would have already taken action. We need some action to be taken, so that people can get to the clinic, with a simple prescription,” he said in his speech .

In an interview with Acorda Cidade, she added that she had also applied for a position at Dr. Leon Lida Specialist Center, regarding the specialties there are and today the population is facing difficulties, as an vascular doctor, pulmonologist, cardiologist, orthopedist.

“These are specialties of paramount importance, especially with post-Covid now, as many people have had sequelae and really need specific medical care,” he said.

Acorda Cidad has contacted the Health Department and is waiting for his return.

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With information from reporter Paulo Jose de Accorda Cidade.