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Check out the amazing salaries paid in Brazil

Check out the amazing salaries paid in Brazil

If you are looking for a job with high employability, you will want to know which profession is on the rise. We have detailed 11 career options that are in high demand in the country. Take the opportunity to check the average salary according to online human resource agencies.

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Hot jobs and their salaries:

Check out the professions that are on the rise so you can do well in Brazil and in any other country on the planet.

Business Intelligence Analyst

An average of 4,525 BRL per month.

This is the specialist responsible for building strategies for effective brands and companies.

mobile developer

Average of 3,599 Rls per month.

It is responsible for programming, designing and developing applications and software designed for mobile devices, such as mobile phones.

sales outlet

Average 4,261 Brazilian Reals per month.

In general, this position is for professionals who will be into selling high-performance technology and media solutions.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Average of 5,358 BRL per month.

Being online is no longer just an option for businesses. This professional will manage the brand image in virtual environment.

Recruitment and selection manager

Average of R$7,600 per month.

Does your company need good and talented professionals? For this it is necessary to have a hiring and selection manager.

logistics manager

Average of 5,839 BRL per month.

One of the booming professions is the job of logistics manager. He is the person responsible for managing the movement of goods and services inside and outside the company.

Search engine optimization specialist

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Average 3,258 BRL per month.

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist manages to position your brand in good positions in Google search. It’s a thriving profession, no doubt.

programs developer

Average 3,785 BRL per month.

traditional programmer. Its role is to find and develop solutions that meet business needs. This profession was not as high as it is today.

Media and Performance Coordinator

Average 4,822 BRL per month.

This is the professional who will define strategies and monitor the company’s performance in Social media and digital.

Financial Planning Analyst

Average of 5,569 BRL per month.

A professional who analyzes, adjusts, or makes improvements to a company’s financial planning.

Production Manager

Average of 10,354 BRL per month.

If you have a good product, you need to sell it. This is the role of the product manager.

production engineer

An average of 6,990 BRL per month.

Allowance engineering, covering several areas, is production engineering on the rise.

The above values ​​may vary by country region.