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The deadline for submitting advertisement has been extended!

The deadline for submitting advertisement has been extended!

Deadline for registered self-employed truck drivers to send the Ministry of Labor and Social Security personal identification Transport of goods. In this way, they can try to get a file Truck Driver Help 1,000 Brazilian Reals, payable between August and December 2022.

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Until then, the initial deadline for sending the document was August 29. can fill in Independent Cargo Carriers for Self Advertisement who have an active registration in the National Road Carriers Carriers Register (RNTR-C), associated with the National Road Transport Agency (ANTT), but did not have a record of road transports in 2022.

How does self-certification work?

The self-employed truck driver must state, in the self-certification, that he meets the legal requirements required to receive a benefit of one thousand Brazilian riyals and is qualified to undertake the road transport of goods.

He must also inform the National Vehicle Registry (Renavam) of the vehicle registered with ANTT. In addition, you must have a valid National Driver’s License (CNH) and CPF.

Pay the truck driver allowance

If eligible for benefits, the driver will receive the first two installments (referring to the months of July and August), along with paying the third installment of the benefit, relating to the month of September, with a total withdrawal of R$3,000 at one time.

For those who got the first two rounds on August 9, and now on September 6, only the third round will be paid out on the 24th of this month.

How do you submit a self-certification?

Self-employed carriers must complete a self-declaration of the duration of TAC registration through Portal hiring Brazil. To access, you must be registered on the gov.br platform. Another alternative is to use a digital business card app.

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