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2 million Rls released through Pis/Pasep, to inform the Central Bank;  know more

2 million Rls released through Pis/Pasep, to inform the Central Bank; know more

The Central Bank (BC) recently issued about R$2 million related to the PIS/Pasep left by employees of the national banks. The amounts refer to the basic year salary allowance for 2019, fixed for a total of 320,000 citizens.

The amount is available for withdrawal since March of this year. However, in order to access the feature, it is necessary to request it through one of the available options. In addition, the worker must meet the program requirements in the reporting year. So, to learn more, see below.

Learn how to access the value. (Photo: iStock).

How do I access the BRL 2 MILLION released through Pis/Pasep?

First, to access the feature, it must be requested through one of the following options:

  • Attending the Caixa Unit;
  • By phone, at Central Alô Trabalho – No. 158;
  • By e-mail [email protected], change the letters “uf” to the abbreviation of the country in which you reside; or
  • Through the Digital Work Card application (https://bityli.com/NHRJzb).

In addition, it is also necessary to meet the program requirements in the reference year, namely:

  • Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least 60 months (5 years);
  • They earned an average monthly wage of up to 02 minimum wages during the base year 2019;
  • engaged in a remunerated activity for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the 2019 base year;
  • Keep the data up-to-date in (RAIS) / eSocial – Social Information Annual Report.

Namely, PIS payments to workers who work for private companies are made by Caixa Econômica Federal. On the other hand, Pasep is for public servants and has been transmitted by Banco do Brasil.

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Installment allowance for 2021

Thousands of workers still have doubts about the issuance of the 2021 PIS/Pasep salary allowance. But to clarify this issue, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules for distributing the program.

Until then, the federal government issued a PIS/Pasep withdrawal for workers from private and public companies who worked on formal contract in 2020. To illustrate, deposits were made in February and March.

It turned out that in 2021, the government postponed the payment of the allowance due to the transfer of resources. Thus, the workers believed that the payment would double in 2022. And herein lies the problem: the assumption ended up not happening. Therefore, payment for 2021 is expected only in 2023.

It is worth noting that for the year 2023, it is estimated that the released amount of payments will be 20 billion Rls. Of this total, they receive about 23 million citizens. Finally, it is important to note that, to date, there is no information about the rules set for receipt.

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