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Cesc Flamengo beats Brasilia in the last match of the first stage of the Premier League |  volleyball

Cesc Flamengo beats Brasilia in the last match of the first stage of the Premier League | volleyball

Sesc-Flamengo confirmed their favoritism with their 12th win in 12 away matches in the Superliga, at Ginásio Taguatinga Norte, in Brasilia. With Rose on the court, the Red and Black defeated the hosts three sets to one, with splits of 25/12, 25/13, 21/25 and 25/21. Helena was the top scorer in the match with 17 points, and Rose received the Viva Vôlei trophy.

Cesc-Flamengo defeats Brasilia in the final round of the Premier League – Photo: Vitoria Antunes

– It was a very special match for me, because I didn't play much, but I had the opportunity. Winning Viva Vôlei was very special for me and my team. “We are a unit, we encourage each other and it's great to see that on the field, I'm so happy about it all,” said an enthusiastic Rose.

Brasilia had two tasks to face: qualifying for the qualifiers and avoiding relegation to the second division (Superliga B). The team reacted well in the third set against Rubro Negro, with great defenses and an important performance from Sabrina Groth, but it achieved the necessary victory. To advance in competition. With Unilife Maringá's 3-0 defeat to Fluminense, the team was able to achieve its most important goal and remain in the major league.

Rose and Joseli in court against Brasilia – Photo: Vitoria Antunes

Brasília took the field with Amanda, Lana, Sabrina Groth, Nayara, Marinao, Joe Carrejo and Vitoria. Bernardinho's team started the match with Kimberly, Goselli, Michel, Lais, Rose, Valquería and Ronnie.

Michele and Joseli began with the opening score for Rubro Negro. Groth took advantage of the block and scored Brasilia's first goal. Flamengo led by three clean goals, but Lana sent an impossible ball into the opponent's half. Valcuria faced Lana in the block and scored Team Rio's ninth point. The hosts started to fight back with Nayara scoring two consecutive points. Goselli and Rose made a strong save and opened up their rivals with six points, and Flamengo went ahead in the group with Rose and Rooney. Michelle stepped up for a double and reached set point, closing Kimberly at 25 for 12.

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Valcuria faces the siege of Brasilia – Photo: Vitoria Antunes

Flamengo opened the group with Joseli and cruised into the game. Marinao made the save and scored for the home team. Michelle ended a small rally with the fifth point for the visitors. Rubro Negro kept the pace of the match and controlled the score throughout the set. With Helena's header, the team calmly finished the second set with a score of 25/13.

Brasília's reaction in Group C against Cesc-Flamengo – Photo: Brasília Vôlei/@guerreirofotografia

Brasilia arrived at the third set enjoying an attacking quality. Sabrina Groth opened the scoring, followed by a foul by Kimberly. Sabrina sent another one to Flamengo Stadium, leaving Bernardinho disgruntled. Lana and Joe Carrejo saved from the red-black ball, and Brasilia opened the score 5-1. The home team scored seven consecutive points. Kimberley led the visitors' response and Michelle took the first lead in the group. With Joseli's mistake, the opponents increased the score again, covering and finishing, until Melina closed the set at 25/21.

Brasília vs. Cesc-Flamengo in the final round of the first stage of the Premier League – Photo: Brasília Vôlei/@guerreirofotografia

The teams returned to the field in a balanced manner until the sixth point of the set. Jojo hit the Brasilia pitch and Flamengo started to take advantage on the scoreboard. Brasilia remained competitive throughout, until Joe Carrejo and Amanda resumed control, testing the quality of Michel's defence, which was not enough to stop the home team. Rubro Negro regained the lead, Michelle reached the set point and Helena finished the match with a score of 25/21.

Brasilia Vole plays the final match of the first stage of the Women's Super League