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Carbonara leaves menu after change requests

Carbonara leaves menu after change requests

In a bold move, the famous Bottega Prilepato restaurant An Italian company in London has decided to take a radical step by removing carbonara pasta from its menu. The decision, which was announced through the organization’s Instagram account, reflects the tireless search for authenticity and quality, even if that means dissatisfaction with some customers.

The restaurant explained that the carbonara was prepared in the “traditional Roman style,” using ingredients such as egg yolks, pecorino cheese, black pepper and guanciale, a bacon cheek.

The ad indicated a resistance to compromising the quality and authenticity of the dish: “We respect your preferences, but we are not willing to compromise our quality and authenticity.”

No carbonara, but with tradition

Gianfilippo Mattioli, owner of Bottega Prilepato, emphasized that they follow authentic Roman traditions when preparing carbonara.

Originally from Rome, Mattioli emphasizes correct technique, rejecting additives such as cream, mushrooms or chicken. It emphasizes the care taken in pre-cooking Italian guanciale, ensuring its distinctive crunch.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Mattioli said: “I'm from Rome and I know how to do it, and the chef knows how to do it too.” He recognizes complication of the dish, demonstrating that carbonara is much more than just a collection of ingredients, it is in fact an art that is difficult to fully master.

Despite the dish's withdrawal, Mattioli leaves the door open to the possibility of its return in the future and reveals that he prefers to focus on other recipes for now. The controversy surrounding carbonara has not gone unnoticed, with critical reviews of the dish mentioned online in the restaurant's Instagram post.

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However, feedback has been mostly positive, with Bottega Prillipato's attitude of maintaining its authenticity, even under pressure to conform to customer expectations, being praised.

This unique decision by the restaurant not only defied criticism, but also highlighted the importance of maintaining culinary authenticity in an environment where preferences can vary widely.

Bottega Prilepato highlights that sometimes, preserving tradition is more important than following current trends, becoming a beacon for those in search of authentic life. expertise Italian gastronomy.