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attention!  A new scam involving FGTS has been discovered and is leaving workers on edge

attention! A new scam involving FGTS has been discovered and is leaving workers on edge

Recently, a new form of fraud involves FGTS This raised concern among Brazilian workers. Scammers use fraudulent websitesWith promises of complete withdrawal FGTSTo attract victims and steal sensitive data.

What is FGTS Withdrawal Scam?

In the scam, criminals create Internet pages that mimic official government or government websites. Caixa Economica Federal, responsible for managing the FGTS. Using a chatbot, they start an automated conversation, offering the full withdrawal of funds in a convincing way.

When the victim provides his or her personal data, including banking information, theFraudsters then use this information to carry out financial transactions Illegal, such as online purchases and incorrect loan applications.

How can I recognize these scams and avoid falling for them?

To protect yourself from this type of fraud, it is essential to always be alert and follow some basic preventive measures:

  • Verify the validity of the information through official government channels or Caixa channels.
  • Avoid clicking on links from suspicious emails or messages.
  • Always keep your software and hardware up to date, including operating systems and antivirus.
  • Do not provide personal data on websites whose security cannot be verified.

How important is facial recognition to use FGTS?

Some reports indicate that scammers are developing the techniques used, including using… Face recognition. This allows They more easily apply for fraudulent loans After accessing the victims’ personal data.

So, In addition to the precautions already mentioned, it is necessary to limit the sharing of personal photos and properly configure privacy settings on social networks and applications.

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What is a worker’s right to FGTS?

Hey FGTS It is a right for workers and can be withdrawn under specific conditions, such as retirement, Buy your own home, among other things. However it is It is important to obtain information correctly through official channels to avoid being scammed Through fraudulent offers that are mainly circulated over the Internet.

Given the scenario presented, It is essential that every worker adopts strong safety measures And stay informed from trusted sources to protect your assets and privacy.