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One of the owners of Americanas transfers R$29.5 billion to his son.  It's merit that makes another billionaire

One of the owners of Americanas transfers R$29.5 billion to his son. It's merit that makes another billionaire

I wrote in Brazil he

Marcel Telles is the third richest Brazilian in the world, behind Vicky Safra and Jorge Paulo Lehmann.

Telles is one of the members of the trio that lost R$47 billion Americans – The others are Jorge Paulo Lehmann and Carlos Alberto Secupira.

Around Christmas, Marcel Telles donated his stake in AB InBev brewery to his youngest son, Max Telles. It is merit that creates another billionaire in Brazil.

-And for the Americans?
– anything.
-And for the little boy?
– The largest brewery in the world!

Long live the meritocracy that they so often defend. “Professional management” that does not allow any of the three billionaires' children to work in their companies. They can only be owners.

Moreover, it is necessary to believe that if justice does its part correctly, the trio of billionaires will have to come forward with a few billion dollars to compensate for the huge loss of Americans. Wouldn't it be a good idea to block any billion dollar deal between the trio until the case is resolved in court? After all, from donating to donating to children and others, in the end the trio can argue that they are as powerful as me (well, that's an exaggeration…).

It is good to remember that Billionaires Scam Could Pay 100,000 Brazilians Minimum Wage Every Month for 30 Years.

What about the 47 billion Brazilian reals from America's hole?

This is the true size of the gap in America. What is not actually “from Americana” is fraud (theft?) “from the billionaires who own Americana”.

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At least last time it was reported. Because little by little, the dirt is swept under the rug and the news disappears from the media, until it disappears completely, and that is all that matters.

Even less so for the workers, who have been fired from the first day the billion-dollar scam was discovered. In fact, it has already been discovered. By billionaires. We did not know this until after it was revealed, as the tail was larger than the cat and could no longer be hidden.

But we are talking about 47 billion Brazilian reals, and we know that it is a large amount of money, but we only have the real dimension of how big this value is, when it can be compared to the units that we understand. Otherwise it's just a mountain of money.

Many people have seen the comparison between million and billion as related to seconds. One million seconds is equivalent to a week, four days, and some intermittent days. Now, one billion seconds equals 32 years. From a week and a half to 32 years. This is the difference between a million and a billion.

The 47 billion Brazilian reals embezzled by billionaires in the scam in America will be enough to pay the monthly minimum wage to about 100,000 Brazilians for 30 years.

100,000 (number of workers) x 1,320 (current minimum wage) x 360 (number of months in 30 years) = 47 billion and 520 million riyals.

If we do not remember, we will fall into oblivion and impunity.

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