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Find out who are the Brazilians among the 100 richest people in the world – Estado de Minas

Find out who are the Brazilians among the 100 richest people in the world – Estado de Minas

Two Brazilian businessmen are among the 100 biggest billionaires in the world, according to a new report classification Prepared by Bloomberg and released on Thursday (12/28). According to the list, businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann ranks 76th on the list of the richest people in the world. Eduardo Saverin, No. 100.

The owner of the social network X (formerly Twitter), billionaire Elon Musk, tops the list. According to the classification, his wealth amounts to 229 billion US dollars. Lehman and Saverin are worth US$23.6 billion and US$19.3 billion, respectively.

Lehman, the owner of the empire, owns companies operating in various sectors of the economy, such as beverages, food, retail and education. The 84-year-old Swiss-Brazilian businessman studied economics at Harvard University in the United States.

Among the billionaire's most famous companies are the Ambif brewery and the fast food chain Burger King. In addition to these companies, Lehmann has stakes in Lojas Americanas – in the judicial recovery business – and in schools and universities.

The businessman also owns a stake in Lehman Corporation. This group describes itself as a non-profit family organization that collaborates and works for quality public education and supports people and organizations who dedicate their lives to solving major social challenges in Brazil.

Social media

It is impossible to discuss the history of Facebook without mentioning the contributions of Brazilian Eduardo Luiz Saverin in building the social network.

Saverin, a roommate of entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard, and other college students founded Facebook. The initial share split in the business was 70% to Mark, the creator and programmer, and 30% to Eduardo Saverin. The idea of ​​the platform at that time was to integrate students.

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Currently, there is no official information about Saverin's participation in Facebook shares. However, the Brazilian is expected to own 5% of the company's capital.

Eduardo Luiz Saverin's wealth also comes from the businessman's investments in startups. In 2016, he and other partners founded B Capital Groupy, a fund that prioritizes innovative startups.

other Brazilians

In total, there are 10 Brazilian billionaires in Bloomberg's ranking. There are, for example, businessmen Marcel Telles and Carlos Secupira. Telles and Cicopera have fortunes of US$10.8 billion and US$9.01 billion respectively, and are partners of Paolo Lehmann in businesses such as Ambev and Lojas Americanas.

Telles, according to Bloomberg's billionaires list, is ranked 198th and Sikubera is ranked 264th.