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Can using a microwave oven cause cancer?  See what the science says

Can using a microwave oven cause cancer? See what the science says

In the modern world, we are often concerned about the amount of radiation we are exposed to and how it can affect our health. There are elements that, although practical and make everyday life easier, are the target of rumors about their effect on the body. It is the case with the microwave. Many people believe, for example, that the device causes cancer. Find out what science says about it.

I advance, that there is not yet, in scholarly reading, a concrete study on this subject. However, some points can be considered – but I expect: it is possible to use the equipment in peace.

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Microwaves operate on radio frequencies. It’s the same radiation found in cell phones and in the revolving doors of banks or malls. For magnetic wavelength to have the potential to cause cancer, it must first be able to pass through skin cell walls so that it finds cellular DNA and leads to genetic mutations or damage of this kind.

It is necessary to emphasize that the factor that determines whether a magnetic wave will have this force or not is the magnitude of the wave. Those that are very short in length are the most dangerous to cause disease, such as ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. These, yes, have wavelengths that can cause disease.

On the other hand, microwave ovens do not have the same capacity. In addition, this equipment was manufactured using technologies that prevent radiation leakage.

A factor that may be linked to cancer, in terms of the use of household appliances, is the heating of certain containers inside the appliance, and that’s another conversation.

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Scientifically, it has been found that many plastics release certain hormones when heated. This problem can be even greater in the microwave, because this heat is more concentrated.

If you are concerned about health, avoid heating baby bottles, plastic bowls, and similar compartments.

Even plastics that contain the Bisphenol-A exemption seal – a toxic ingredient – are not safe, as there are other elements that can release hormones that are later transferred to food.

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The same attention should be paid to containers of frozen and processed foods, which are dangerous. Transfer the product to dishes and glassware and only heat it.

Finally, it should be noted that the microwave has a drawback in relation to other forms of cooking: it causes food to lose nutrients, since the heating process is fast. Moreover, always respect the correct form and containers for use.

Thays Britto

She is a Postgraduate Dietitian in Clinical Sports Nutrition