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Cammy’s character cosplay, from Street Fighter, is among the best online

Cammy’s character cosplay, from Street Fighter, is among the best online

Street fighter characters

Photo – Playback / Street Fighter / Capcom

Personal Camifrom the game Street Fighter, first appeared in 1993 as one of the four characters in Super Street Fighter II.

After the creation and success of Chun-Li, Capcom’s head of research and development, Noritaka Funamizu, realized that they needed to create a new female character who could capture players’ attention.

Both fighters stand out for the speed of their strikes, as they are faster than other characters in the game. Kami is described as a skilled fighter with a lithe and muscular body, who has blonde hair and likes to wear pigtails.

Another detail that draws attention is the scar on the left side of his face. Her appearance has changed a lot with the release of new games, but she usually appears in a red military cap, gloves, and a green sleeveless dress.

The character was also adapted to the cinema in 1994, in the movie “Street Fighter” starring actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Costume designer Angie night Grab attention on social networks with cute disguises of characters from games, TV and movies.

This time, I decided to create a costume for Cammy and the result was so good, I put her on the list of the best fighter cosplays that came out on the internet.

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