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NASA and Microsoft Team Up to Bring Space Missions to ‘Minecraft’

NASA and Microsoft Team Up to Bring Space Missions to ‘Minecraft’

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Microsoft have decided to join forces in a partnership that allows Minecraft players to “launch” their own rockets to visit the moon and live the routine of an astronaut aboard the Orion spacecraft.

Since 1970, NASA has wanted to return humanity to the moon through the Artemis program. By partnering with Microsoft, many children and young adults will feel inspired to become scientists and, who knows, even astronauts in the future.

The union of the two companies will bring new possibilities to the game. In an official statement issued by NASA, they said:

Like the real NASA Artemis mission team working to return humans to the moon, players in these new Minecraft worlds can build and launch a rocket, pilot their Orion spacecraft, and even create a nearby moon base for your team.

The Minecraft Artemis missions are designed to engage students ages 8 and up in NASA’s next chapter in human spaceflight and encourage them to see themselves as future astronauts or scientists. “

The two new worlds built by ‘Minecraft’ are inspired by Artemis’ real-life future missions. The astronaut crew, which includes the first woman and first black person, goes to the moon.

about “Minecraft”

The game is a hit with youngsters of all ages. It can be played in free mode and the only objective is to collect blocks and go on an adventure. Thus, it is the player who decides what he will do in his “Minecraft” world.

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In addition, there are two game modes: creativity and survival. In Creation, the player is given various resources to build whatever he wants.

Already in survival mode, they need to explore to get resources to eat and live, among other things. The cool thing is that players can have fun with friends and set their own rules.