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Where is Microsoft? Google goes ahead and launches an AI feature in Gmail

Google has announced that it will add new artificial intelligence (AI) features to branded apps, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and Slides. Find out what needs to change in practice with the news the company announces and learn how to leverage technology to improve productivity.

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With the new possibilities announced by the company, people will be able to create, summarize and even discuss a text generated by artificial intelligence in Google Docs.

Another great feature is the ability to create emails in gmail much faster.

New AI features in products

With innovations involving artificial intelligence, Google will allow users to produce images, audio, and video through technology to illustrate presentations.

The anticipation of new features being launched is already huge, considering the expected productivity gains of people from different regions who use the products on a daily basis.

Despite this announcement of adding new AI features in appsThe company said the news should only be available to trusted testers. Initially, in the USA. In any case, the forecasts are that the tests will begin this month.

Then, the new features should be released to everyone by the end of this year. Google aims to outpace other companies, such as Microsoft and other competitors, who have also announced that they are working on products that will use AI to improve user experience.

Information posted on The Verge suggests other features may be built by Microsoft that should be integrated into the Office suite of applications, such as Word, Teams, and Outlook.

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Microsoft’s goals were presented during an event, detailing plans for the future of work with artificial intelligence sweeping the world.