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Boston University, USA, offers graduate scholarships

Boston University, USA, offers graduate scholarships

The century-old University of Boston in the United States offers 20 full scholarships to international students to attend one of the international degree programs. Opportunities to receive full grants to study in the United States are not uncommon.

The Trustee Scholarship seeks out the best students to join the student body of Boston University. According to the university’s website, “Trustees are intellectually and creatively adventurous and simply demonstrate views, experiences or achievements.”

How the scholarship works

The grant is full and covers all tuition and fees over the four years of graduation. The selection criteria are based on educational qualification, academic record and evaluation of a particular article for the grantee.

How to apply

To apply, you must apply for the regular admissions process for one of the graduate programs. In addition, the program asks you to submit a specific article, which must be attached to the application form. Regarding the article, the University demands:

  • “Tell us about a time in your school or community that you suggested or experienced in advance. What did you learn and how do you put it into practice at Boston University?”;
  • “Howard Thurman, dean of BU Swamp Church from 1953-1965, once wrote: ‘Do not ask what the world needs. Can you revive yourself? How do you try to integrate your experience or activity in BU? “.

To register, the following documents must be submitted in the original language and attached with a certified translation in English:

  • Original or certified copies of your home country certificates as part of your application;
  • A copy of any completed or qualifying examination results or certificates;
  • English proficiency test results (TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo);
  • Passport;
  • Optional: standard tests (such as SAT).
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See more information about the Trustee Scholarship neste link. Those interested must register by December 1st. neste link.

Partial Scholarship

For international students, in addition to the full scholarship, Boston University offers Presidential Scholarships. The grant is $ 25,000 and is renewable for a four-year undergraduate course. To compete, candidates must “excel beyond the classroom” and be “leaders in their schools and communities.”

To register, there is no need to submit additional article or registration form. Anyone wishing to compete must participate in the regular registration by December 1st. See more information on Presidential Scholarships neste link.

* Text “Applications are open for the full scholarship at Boston University“Originally published on the Eston Fora portal by Fontano Estuder.