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Boris Johnson ‘deliberately misled’ Parliament over pandemic parties

Boris Johnson ‘deliberately misled’ Parliament over pandemic parties

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Photo: Justin Tallis/Pool/AFP

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “deliberately misled” Parliament ParticateCorruption of parties held in the official residence While he was in power and during his imprisonment imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the results of a parliamentary committee say.

The Privileges Committee, which oversees breaches of parliamentary rules, says Johnson “deliberately misled the House” and would have been suspended for 90 days had he not resigned as a Member of Parliament (MP) last Friday. Contempt and Attempts to Undermine the Parliamentary Process”.

With his resignation, the former Conservative prime minister avoided a censure from his peers in the House of Commons. In his resignation announcement, Johnson said he had received a letter from the parliamentary committee and denounced the “political establishment” despite the fact that the inquiry panel was largely made up of his own party.

Johnson echoed the criticism on Thursday. He called the group “anti-democratic” and accused it of being “the final stab in a long political carnage”.

The committee’s aim was to determine whether Johnson had deliberately lied to Parliament that restrictions against the Covid-19 pandemic had been respected during parties celebrated in Downing Street during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns.

The former head of government was forced to resign in July 2022 after mounting scandals including Particate. Despite many problems, Johnson, who has retained his MP position, is still very influential in the Conservative Party.


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