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Anita is amazed with the revelation of American fame

In a conversation with the press Harbors Bazaar Brazil, Anita Expressed his success in the United States. According to her, People recognize him on the streets, and his international work is increasingly accepted.

“I knew I was going down all the stairs and starting anew. I knocked on the door of the radio waiting for the interview. Sometimes I could, sometimes I could not. That’s okay too. I became the last one from the wanted one. I always heard the only answer was ‘impossible’. I don’t have that word. When I hear it, I want to go further in my desire. I start reading before it happens, ”he highlighted.

Next, she Talked about what is recognized in places; “I’m already starting to get noticed by restaurants, gyms and paparazzi. I can not even go out dressed on the street like in the beginning,” he pointed out.


Internationally acclaimed Anita went crazy after watching the Brazilian media last week He spoke very little about his recent professional achievements in non-Brazilian projects.

“There are things you can’t understand, aren’t there? I was the first Brazilian to be interviewed singing at one of America’s biggest shows yesterday. Today half a dozen ping cats in my country are posting about this (they are my friends, in this case). , Instead of being the first Brazilian on the show, this would have been the case if I had been involved in some small gossips or had the attitude of making someone dissatisfied. The biggest topic in the country.

In the end, the museum and owner of Victory ‘Go Trickster ‘ He said that Compare your status, With the support of his Latin friends in other countries. Presumably, he returned to critique in the midst of the international heyday of the Brazilian press.

“I keep watching my Latin friends do something like that, their countries fall by posting, supporting and celebrating, it’s not unheard of for them. They understand that unity is strength. My thanks to all those who have supported my hard work. I love you, “he concluded.