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Bauru is a university student who was bullied because of her age at a successful exchange in the United Kingdom

Bauru is a university student who was bullied because of her age at a successful exchange in the United Kingdom

Patricia Linares, a Unisacred Biomedicine student in Bauru (SP), received a scholarship to the United Kingdom after being harassed by her colleagues. This Saturday (1st), she took to social media to make her dream of studying abroad come true and gave an encouraging message to the public. Recently, three university students mocked Patricia’s age, saying she should have “retired” by now.

“When some girls make fun of you in college for studying over 40…you will fulfill your dream of studying abroad!”says the text that appears above the video posted on TikTok.

Besides celebrating the new phase, Patricia inspired her followers to follow their dreams. “You are thinking, you don’t have the courage, you are in your dream, you don’t want it because of your age, then what are we going to do? Age does not define us. Age is just a number. So let’s fulfill our dream because life doesn’t wait. Shine like this, study, learn and evolve”he said.

@eumesmogui Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t #Discrimination #Etarism #Teacher #extensibility #Prejudice #To study #PatriciaLines #Pauru #Study #exchange #Exciting @STB ♬ Cool Kids (Our Fastest Version) – Echosmith

On March 16, Unisagrado announced that the three students responsible for the video were withdrawing from the biomedicine program after the fallout from the case. The agency also said that this decision was taken after disciplinary action was initiated to determine the behavior of the young women. Patricia continues to study biomedicine at the institute. Linares did not share whether the scholarship was for his studies or for another purpose.

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Viral video

In the viral post, three young men joke that Patricia is studying in her “40s”. “Guys, quiz of the day: How do you ‘unsubscribe’ a classmate?”asks a woman. “Man, she’s already 40 years old. I need to retire”Another answer. “Indeed”A third agrees. “Guys, you can’t read above 40, I have this opinion”Woman with cell phone ends.

To g1, one of the girls in the video said they were all sorry “Bad Comedy”. “It was never the intention to say that seniors can’t graduate because I don’t have that intention. It’s an irresponsible and unfortunate statement that has taken on proportions we never imagined., said Barbara Calixto. All adults can answer the case in court.

For the publication, Patricia told how she found out about the video and the shock she felt when she saw it. He opened a police complaint against the trio for defamation and defamation at Bauru police station, where the case is still being investigated. Click here to check details.