a range This Tuesday (7) will show a new partner in the Portal Stay Informed section. Francis Augusto Joyce Ricken, who will begin writing weekly, is an attorney specializing in constitutional law and an MA in political science. The content is exclusively related to Brazilian political events.

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“We will deal with political events presented by the media in a way that is not well based on the constitutional view and we will respond to that,” said the professor when asked what he should present to the reader. subordinate range in texts

Francis is also Professor of Law at Positivo University in Curitiba. He asserts that he wants to show the reader the relationship between politics and the constitution. The idea is to make it clear that despite the lack of belief in Brazilian politics, some of its elements have a constitutional justification for being in the realities of Brazilians.

Many people say that political parties are of no use in a democracy. Parties are essential for the election of candidates, for proportionality in the National Congress and for approving projects. We will try to justify some of the things that we have missed and that are even justified from a political, ideological, and even common-sense point of view,” he notes.

The basis for the population to understand how important policy issues are is fundamental to the development of democracy.