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Know if you can take it now or when it's your turn

Know if you can take it now or when it’s your turn

Image source Pixabay: Boosters are given to people who have been vaccinated for more than 4 or 5 months

Three weeks ago, Brazil introduced the vaccination schedule to enhance the immunization of the population against Covid-19, however, with the progress of the micronized variable in the world, some regions of the country accelerated the campaign even more. At this time, the Ministry of Health recommends an interval of 5 months between the second dose and the booster, but São Paulo adopts a period of 4 months.

In fact, the drop in SP, prompted Anvisa to re-evaluate the new booster dose application schedule. The agency said Friday (3) that there is no evidence that the benefits of anticipation outweigh the potential risks of a different application than stated in the package insert for immunizing agents. City Hall kept the calendar anyway.

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Although, you who took the second dose more than 4 months ago, you can now take your booster dose at the vaccination centers in São Paulo. In the rest of the country, the 5-month rule works from the last dose taken.

When can I get the vaccine?

If you took the second dose more than 4 months ago in São Paulo, or more than 5 months ago in other Brazilian states, you can already take a booster dose at the nearest vaccination center.

For people who received a dose of Janssen — which was initially a single dose, but the package leaflet has been reformulated to aid the immunization drive — a second dose is now available for those who received the first application at least two months ago. It is made by Pfizer.

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Remember that these doses will only be guaranteed if there is a stockpile of vaccines in the city.

What booster vaccine will I get?

The booster and second doses of Janssen will be applied with the fortifying agent produced by Pfizer.

Where can I take the booster dose?

To check vaccination sites in São Paulo, click here. NS velometer It will also help you not to queue at service stations near your home.

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