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At the back of the crowd is a gate that does not support Remo's celebration after the winning goal in the end |  Rowing

At the back of the crowd is a gate that does not support Remo’s celebration after the winning goal in the end | Rowing

It’s been 600 days since the last time Remo fans could be present at a team match. I missed it so much after 1-0 win over Nautical On that Friday, marked by Jefferson’s last minutes, the Azulinos went to celebrate near the gate separating the stands from the grass, not supporting the number of people who were celebrating so much.

With 30% of the stadium’s capacity released, around 4,000 fans were present in Baenão, on Round 26 of the stadium. B . series. Azulina’s board of directors put part of the ticket shipment on sale for R$140, an amount that did not stop fans from returning.

It is worth noting that Barra Club is responsible for supervising the fans in the stadium, so that they comply with the security measures imposed on the attendance of the public.

Jefferson celebrates with fans and the gate doesn’t stand still – Photo: Samara Miranda/Ascom Remo

– I am very emotional, happy, because only God and my family know what I am going through. For those who don’t know, I had an injury and the doctor said a little more than that would have broken my ankle. I was asking God so much to score a goal in this match. Today fell to thank God – said striker Jefferson after the game.

With this win, Remo temporarily climbed to seventh place with 36 points. The team is now eight years away from CRB, the team that unlocks the access zone for Brazil’s elite. In the next round, Liao Sampaio will face Correia at Castellao Stadium in Sao Luis, and the match is scheduled for next Thursday, 30, at 9:30 pm.

Jefferson praised Rowing’s victory over Nautical

– Image: Disclosure

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