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Palmeiras elimination: Abel Ferreira 'discovers' luck doesn't wear a shirt - 07/15/2022

Palmeiras elimination: Abel Ferreira ‘discovers’ luck doesn’t wear a shirt – 07/15/2022

It is perfectly normal for a coach to feel upset and upset, as Abel Ferreira showed after Sao Paulo’s exit from the Copa del Rey. Even the Palmeiras coach attributed the opponent’s success to luck.

Yes, the answer came in the context of urgent questions in this direction. To support this line of reasoning, the Portuguese cited his team’s dominance of the opponent during the Classics, creating more chances, etc.

Entirely true. But as he himself explained and this is a fact, football these things. That’s why it was at the end Editors In 2020, though, River Plate largely dominated their home ground and had 10 men.

He was then a hero with his only confirmed shot in the 90 minutes against Santos, lifting his first Continental Cup thanks to a random and unlikely hero’s goal in the second half, Brino Lopez.

a phenomenon It repeated in 2021, with Deverson coming off the bench to cash in on Andreas Pereira’s mistake and give Palmeiras a new title. This is after a strange confusion involving Koca, the coach of Santos.

To reach this decision, Abel gave up his right to attack against Atlético Mineiro, 0-0 in Sao Paulo and 1-1 in Belo Horizonte. Thanks to Nathan Silva’s dangerous failure on Dudu’s goal in Gabriel Veron’s move.

“Mental Strength”, “Leadership of the Coach”, “Characteristics of a Strategist”, were some of the explanations for the success of Abel Ferreira and his team. The word luck was only remembered by competitors, even with some exaggeration.

The exclusion of Palmeiras to Sao Paulo was also affected by luck, as did the Libertadores, which were won by the Portuguese. Luck doesn’t wear a shirt. Abel have found This is Wednesday in Allianz Park.

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