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Marcelino Carioca's son "dazzles" the third match for MC Livigno, La Zico scores and saves Sao Caetano

Marcelino Carioca’s son “dazzles” the third match for MC Livigno, La Zico scores and saves Sao Caetano

This Friday (24), in a valid match for the third round of the first stage of the Copa Paulista, a Sao Caetano The bell saved it and only lost at home to Atibaia because of a last-minute goal scored by Lucas Sucreen, son of the idol Marcelino Rio. Corinthians. The match, which ended in a 1-1 draw, was also MC Livigno’s third as a player in blue bird.

Atibaia opened the scoring at Anacleto Campanella in the 40th minute of the first half. Then, 43 minutes into the second stage, Socren, who started on the bench, hit a free kick “à la Zico” and left everything intact.

In the bid, São Caetano’s 19 jersey hit a free kick near the area, smashed it and sent it to the right corner of the Atibaia goalkeeper, who just watched.

As a result, Azulao had two points in the fourth set of the competition, but remained at the bottom, with two draws and one defeat so far. Atibaia, in turn, was undefeated in the Copa Paulista with two draws, one victory, five points and in second place.

Livigno, in turn, also started off the bench and played his third game since signing with São Caetano. So far, the born 7 jersey, hasn’t hit the net yet.

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Next Tuesday (28), Sao Caetano will face Juventus away to the fourth round. Atibaia, on the same day, receives Portuguese, leader of Group D, in Estádio Martins Pereira.