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Antonia Fontenelle proposes to Bolsonaro to expel Anita from the country |  People

Antonia Fontenelle proposes to Bolsonaro to expel Anita from the country | People

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Antonia Fontenelle criticizes Anita and suggests Bolsonaro expel her from the country

Actress and Youtuber Antonia Fontenelle sparked outrage and took a stand on her social network after she watched Anita criticize the Brazilian government over the lack of vaccines against Covid-19 in the country. The Miami singer, who lives in the United States, has already been vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine.

Fontenelle stated, on social media: “I already knew, but now the ethnicity of ordinary people, who suffer souls that belittle their homeland, say something very dangerous, which has been denied by Pfizer itself. Jair Messias Bolsonaro is really a lord, instead of that.” I will expel a woman like this from my country, for example, who, in addition to being harmful, is spreading my country in a negative way. A crime name that! ”

When she was vaccinated in the United States, Anita said, “It is sad and exhilarating at the same time the situation that Brazil is in, as everything in the United States reopens again, and poems come back. I am vaccinated, practically everyone I know is here, but I don’t I live here, because of the epidemic, I prefer to stay here, hold meetings, work, but once the airports open, I will stay as I always come and go. “

Anita, who was initially criticized for not taking a stance, is now openly criticizing the Brazilian government’s options and praising the change that Joe Biden made in the United States.

“We look at Brazil and we see our president’s options are really bad. Here, too, it was bad, but the president has changed and everything is starting to improve, so I hope that soon changes to Brazil as well,” he said.

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