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Fatma Bernardes influenced by her unmasked colleagues in the United States: "a dream"

Fatma Bernardes influenced by her unmasked colleagues in the United States: “a dream”

Presenter Fatma Bernardes admitted that she was influenced by colleagues at Globo and GloboNews who removed the mask during reports about the end of mandatory use of the ingredient in the United States.

Some of the reports I had seen over the course of this week from my colleagues, at both Globo and GloboNews, remembered the moment the mask removed. I was so excited to see them all take off their masks and talk again without this accessory. They were so touched and I think we all, by far, were also touched and dreamed of this moment.
Fatima said while walking with her daughter, Beatrice Bonmer.

The journalist recorded a video in which she talks about how she waits for the day when it will be safe to walk on the beach without a mask and admitted that she intends to show her withdrawal during a walk on the beach.

“I will do this here, I am sure. I will shoot a video here on the beach, take off my mask whenever possible, and whenever it is possible to walk and exercise without putting yourself in danger and without putting the other at risk.”

Fatima also stressed that for her wearing a mask is “an act of love of life and respect” as long as it is mandatory in Brazil.

It’s so good when you come across someone wearing a mask, it feels like there is an identity. It’s as if you feel respected by this person. And when you meet someone who isn’t wearing a mask, the feeling is the opposite and you think: Why not, right? Why do not you protect yourself and protect others?