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#MercadizarIndica: “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, the most glamorous competition I’ve ever seen

#MercadizarIndica: “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, the most glamorous competition I’ve ever seen

Today’s appointment from Rafaella Viana reviewer. check it out!

This year, VH1 presented the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, A competition between Drag queens, In its thirteenth consecutive year. The season features new participants, ready to fight a magical competition, bringing the crowd to cry, laugh, get ready to try new products, and who knows how to live the art of drag. #MercadizarIndica on Saturday offers you a versatile way to tackle challenges in sewing, singing, acting and marketing.


There are twelve seasons available on Netflix, including some seasons with SweetheartNot pierced“, Which counts behind the scenes of the show after jury deliberations. Us reality It works like this: its legendary footer Dragon Queen, Rupaul Charles, starts with a small challenge, usually to determine who will benefit from the main challenge, whether as a group leader, making a call home during confinement or even being the first to pick the pieces needed for it.Maxi ChallengeAfter that, preparations begin for the main challenge, which includes several axes such as sewing, fashion, singing, dancing and acting. There is one and two winners. Drag queens Who did the worst in the competition, and both of them competed in a fight Sync flange, In which only one lives.


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As in everything Reality show, We can witness striking conflicts between the participants, which reverberate in joke form for the following seasons, including provocations in LipSync And hot discussions on Not pierced. We can also see the sparkle in everyone’s eyes as they live a dream of trying to be the next America’s Next Star From Cloud. They delight us with their life stories, from their relationship with their parents after they became part of the LGBTQI + community, to talking about religion, racism and transgenderism. The fights are there, but there is a lot of love and brotherhood Work cream Also.

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Animated gifs of RuPaul

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But hey, To Robol Don’t stop there! In addition to the seasons in North America, the program has already expanded to include Australia and the United Kingdom as well. What’s more: Have you heard about all Stars? It Role, gathering Drag queens Known from other seasons reality, To compete again between them. This is like “Big Dos Bigs,” with the most intelligent and ready-to-remember participants in their memory for yet another shot in Rupaul’s house, promising more action and toughest challenges, with innovative elimination mechanisms each season.

Animations at RuPaul’s

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Who does not like good Reality showHuh? Gather your friends, order pizza, kick in the mood with ruffled makeup and listen to “tudum” from Netflix. Time to watch Robole’s Drag Race!