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Anita releases new music to rock the dance floor, come listen!

Anita releases new music to rock the dance floor, come listen!

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Anita Comes with everything again. The Brazilian Queen of Pop released today (29) new music, the killer “I want to rumba”In partnership with DJ Panamanian tell me the flow. Also, the song features a special guest appearance by the Dominican rapper Shimbala.

In the song, the beauty begins to record speaking in Portuguese, but sings in Spanish. The track also includes a sample of the unmistakable anthem “Rap das Armas”, produced by DJ Marlboro. A Super Tribute to Funk Root!

NS VideoThe trio ended up in a nightclub and enjoyed a lively party. No time to finish!

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Mention Anita’s other international partnerships

Since 2015 Anita It invests in partnerships that have fueled its international career. In 2016, she and the Colombian singer Maluma They launched Yes or No, the singer’s first great flirtation with gringo pop.

Then, the following year, the leading American trio of Lazer participated in the Sua Cara. The great song also appeared from Pablo Vitar, and it was a huge success.

After joining the Ginza remix, the second collaboration between Anita and Colombian singer J Balvin was Downtown. The song is part of the bold Checkmate project – a series of singles in Portuguese, English and Spanish, released by the singer in 2017.

Also in 2017, Anitta joined Australian rapper Iggy Azalea To record the switch. After some issues with the release and an alleged fight between the two artists, the song ended up popping up and garnering praise from fans of the Brazilian.

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In 2020, Anita dared and left for Europe. Recorded with Italian rapper Fred de Palma. Paloma’s song was part of Unico’s fifth album in the artist’s European discography.

One of the highlights was also held in 2020. The song was Me Gusta, with Myke Towers in Puerto Rico and American Cardi B. By the way, the latter is one of the greatest rappers today.

Finally, as early as 2021, Anita was singing in the language of the Romantics, French. Collaborated with singer Dadjo in Mon Soleil, A reggaeton.

At the moment, the singer is on a long journey across the United States. It should certainly seize the opportunity to strengthen its international partnerships. Soon, we’ll have more hits there!

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