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Felipe Andreoli

Scientists rescue anti-gay video by Globo’s Felipe Andreoli, who apologizes after attacking Mauricio

The Globo presenter came under attack for criticizing Maurício who was kicked out of Minas Tênis Clube

247 – Presenter Felipe Andreoli, of Globo Esporte, has been confronted with videos and posts from his past, apparently homophobic in content, by pocketnaristas who questioned the position he has taken in relation to Mauricio, who has been expelled from Minas Tenes Club. Andreoli apologized and said he had changed.

“Yes, typography is eternal. The things that have been broadcast, and the things I have written and said are notarized. Nonsense. What used to be considered a joke, we now know kills. That is why it is a crime. The world has changed, far from enough. But I am proud that I have learned, and studied to a degree that I can In it the fight and the fight is on the right side.Andreoli in 2021 is very different from 2010.I want to learn, all the time.More and more.I’m here to change and to show that this is part of human construction.Imprints of the past, my video from yesterday and Andreoli’s records tomorrow, I will continue to show my children, about my human path, about a historical process we are going through. To be an active agent on the path of a society of freedom and respect,” he wrote, in relation to one of his videos from the past:

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