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Gilles de Vigor's story to become a documentary - Metro World News Brasil

Gilles de Vigor’s story to become a documentary – Metro World News Brasil

BBC Gilles de Vigor, the former against Globe. A new resident of the United States should receive a documentary that tells his life story.

There are no production details yet. But the documentary should follow in the footsteps of “A Vida After Tombo” by Carol Konka and “You’ve Never Been Alone” by Juliette Freire, which provided details on the characters.

Gilles de Vigor currently lives in California, where he is attending a Ph.D. in Economics at Davis University, and this moment in his life should be featured in the documentary on streaming platform Globoplay.

Recently, the former BBB 21 spoke, on his social networks, about one of the most difficult moments of his life in the United States. In this post, the economist talks about how he deals with mental health and homesickness, “often we need to understand that our mental health needs to be valued as well as our identity.”

In a consistent post, the ex-participant of “Big Brother Brazil” commented, without giving details, that he has gone through complicated moments and does not know how to act in a particular situation. “I blamed myself for everything! Because I was feeling this way, because I hadn’t studied why I felt like this… It took me a while to understand that it was absolutely no one’s fault.”

Despite the problems, Gil do Vigor thanked him for the opportunity to study abroad and the ability to pursue his dreams. “We’re here to be happy in spite of everything! (SIC) Everything has its time! If so, I did. If it doesn’t, life will go one way or the other. So don’t push yourself. Advise to keep your mental health a priority.”

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Another production planned by the platform is about Xuxa Meneghel, which is being produced by the “Conversa Com Biel” team, which has headed other projects on Globoplay, such as the fallout of the sexual offense charges against João de Deus.

Globoplay grow in 2021

Globo’s streaming platform, Globoplay, has boomed in audience and fallout in the first half of this year.

According to the newspaper O Globo, the classic series, which was added to the service, fueled 90% of the growth of the genre. In addition to the miniseries, the series received the attention of the audience. In the first half of 2021, the increase in public consumption was 44%.