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An expert says: ‘WhatsApp can hear you asleep’

An expert says: ‘WhatsApp can hear you asleep’

Privacy is an issue that is always on the agenda when it comes to using apps, such as WhatsApp. Recently, the news has users worried. It has to do with whether the gadget can hear your voice while you are asleep. Have you ever thought of something like this? Understand how this is possible.

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The issue of preserving people’s privacy requires that these resources prioritize the development of resources for the safety of users. Instant messaging apps, for example, use end-to-end encryption to ensure messages are private and secure throughout the transmission between two devices.

Is our WhatsApp privacy in danger?

In the case of WhatsApp, messages are end-to-end encrypted. This means that only the sender and receiver can read the content of the texts. With this technology, not even to request The content of the message can be accessed. Despite encryption, privacy can also be affected by factors such as the tool’s access to other device information such as contacts, location, and profile data.

Recently, an expert on protection And a Twitter engineer claimed that WhatsApp can hear people while they sleep. In other words, the tool can record audio in the background, even when not in use. According to him, this is possible for up to 26 minutes.

In the face of the expert’s statement, the fear of users is that messenger is access to whatever they’re talking about, but the Meta’s lead artificial intelligence scientist Yann LeCun clarified that the problem was an Android-specific glitch. According to Yann, WhatsApp does not spy on users.

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In fact, Meta, as well as Google, realized that the problem was nothing more than a security breach and they are working to rectify the problem. These are vulnerabilities that can actually happen and undermine the confidence of the users of the platform. To further protect messages, people should take some precautions, such as two-step authentication. Restrict the app’s access to other device information.