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An agenda with denim shoes in “Mais Você” made the reporter discover the disease

An agenda with denim shoes in “Mais Você” made the reporter discover the disease

“I was contacted a lot and received all kinds of comments. Many women said they were relieved, and even said they saw the report crying because they were able to understand what they had. Some indicated that it was too late for them, but the journalist said: “They can help their daughters after this.” Discovery. “It was really great.”

Even with all the knowledge he had already acquired about lipoedema, the remarks strangers made about his body shook his self-esteem.

“I realized that the fat I had always seen was visible to others as well. It became clearer how people noticed it,” Julianne said. She actually went on a crazy weight-loss diet, but never reached her goal due to an illness she didn’t even know about.

I was already 20kg thinner than I am today, and my thighs continued to have this different texture and sag. I exercised, dieted, ate less than I should have, found myself dry in other parts of my body, and my pants were still there. Julian Masaoka

The presenter says that if she had known at the time what she had, perhaps she would have accepted her body better.

She didn’t even know she felt tired

When the disease is unknown, you also don’t care about the symptoms. Julianne says she has several. “I feel a lot of pain in my legs, and I’m swollen and tired,” he says. “I’m one of those people who goes places and wants to sit all the time. If I stand for a long time, my butt starts to hurt.” . She did not even know that what she was feeling was fatigue, but rather classified it as weakness.

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